When our units struggled, we invented SIBR Rounds and everything got better.

1Unit helps hospital units launch and sustain Sustructured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds — the Gold Standard of Inpatient Acute Care.

1Unit SIBR Rounds Patient Centered Care Team

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1Unit Care Team

A PI project so successful we made it a company

We are hospital professionals, like you. We developed our SIBR care model to make patients safer, but SIBR turned out to also have strong outcomes in areas from throughput to patient satisfaction.

And then we saw these results again and again, on unit after unit, across hospitals and continents.

So we turned our PI project into a company, 1Unit. Think of us as a Quality Institute for Hospital Teamwork.

Voices from the Frontline

Hear from the nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals who have chosen to transform their units with our SIBR and Nurses First programs.

“Highlight of my career”

– Nancy, Pharmacist

“Our metrics improved on every category”

– Jon, MD

“What is the why for SIBR? The patient is the why!”

– Cassie, RN

To improve outcomes, don't focus on outcomes

Start at the bedside. Focus on moments that matter, like nursing handover and interdisciplinary rounds.

Invest in daily routines — small improvements add up quickly.

Start with nurses — then expect more from doctors:

Nurses First

1Unit's Nurses First program hardwires the Triple-E Handover to improve the culture, safety, and efficiency profile of nursing care; support young and temporary nurses; and create readiness for interdisciplinary rounds.

1Unit invented SIBR® rounds, bringing the bedside nurse, physician and allied health to the patient’s bedside to synthesize a mutually supported plan of care in an efficient, patient-centered experience.

Where does it hurt?

1Unit Nurses First SIBR rounds Early Discharge Length of stay

LOS & Discharge Coordination

9-15% decrease in LOS typical

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Reduce harm events

24.5% decrease in unit mortality

paqtient engagement - home page-01

Patient engagement

88 point increase for HCAHPS “rate the hospital”

Reduced care costs

$1.4M annual savings per unit due to lower LOS

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Job Satisfaction

24% increase in nursing job satisfaction (76% to 100%)

Secure your legacy as a transformational leader

The shortcut to transforming your med-surg units for the next decade? Rent the expertise of 100+ units packaged into an "off-the-shelf" PI initiative — designed by 1Unit clinicians — and shown to substantially improve a broad range of metrics across multiple units. Here's what you get:

1Unit Quadruple Aim in Healthcare

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The Challenge

Focus on fragmented hospital care

The chronic diseases afflicting most hospital units? Chaotic clinical ops. Reactive care. An illusion of teamwork.

It may feel normal, but it's not inevitable — and it's actually allowing a lot of unnecessary harm, burnout, and frustration.

A treatment is available — and it's reliable, cost-effective, and well-supported in the literature.

Please don't ignore fragmented care. Instead, choose to focus on it. It's very solvable — and in ways that physicians, nurses, and patients all prefer.


A group of all-stars doesn't always make an all-star team

It's not enough to have skilled staff. Commercial aviation is safe not because all pilots are brilliant, but because cockpit teamwork is a finely-honed science.

The finely-honed science of clinical teamwork exists, and it's available today in our programs.

Tools and training to deliver real change in 3 to 6 months

1Unit provides a reliable implementation pathway to clinical operations excellence: a blend of software and services to train, coach, and lead your frontline staff into the best clinical teamwork of their careers.

1Unit Employee Engagement


Our doctors and nurses communicate a vision that wins clinical hearts and minds.

1Unit Coaching & Certification

Our app enables real-time, objective feedback on actual bedside skills.

1Unit Skills Training


Our onsite and online training teaches the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed for advanced teamwork.

1Unit Insights for Leaders

Our performance dashboards reveal hidden issues with both bedside practice and unit health, so leaders can see who may need support.