July 22, 2017

ACU briefing video

ACU Briefing Video

Accountable Care Unit (ACU® care model) briefing video with Dr. Jason Stein to Australian and New Zealand healthcare leaders about the ACU care model.

40-minute video – recorded 16th June, 2017:

Watched enough? Looking to improve your team’s communication and patient-centered care? If you’re in the North American or European region, contact us. If you’re in the Australasia region, contact Bruce Joy directly to discuss it.

Chapters: The video has “instant access” links to help you review sections you find most useful. Hover your mouse over the video and click on the “Chapters” button to view the list of chapters. Click on the chapter headings to explore the video.

Controls: There are controls for full-screen view, chapter listing/access, and the playback speed and video quality. The controls appear when you hover or click on the video.

Share with colleagues? We invite you to copy the URL of this webpage – https://1unit.com.au/acu-briefing-video – and share it with your colleagues.