September 11, 2017

Verdi 5 North pilot project brings the entire care team to the bedside

Innovative team rounding helps Yale New Haven’s Verdi 5 North improve inter-professional engagement

1Unit helped Verdi 5 North, at the St. Raphael Campus, introduce innovative team rounding in the form of Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR® rounds). This was part of a bigger change of the unit into an Accountable Care Unit (ACU® care model). While other Yale New Haven units do a transitional care round every day, Verdi 5 North decided to move to the innovative SIBR model to involve more care team members and patients in daily plans, and goal setting. Specifically, improving inter-professional engagement was a key goal of the change.

As a result of the changes, staff report improvements in coordination of care, care collaboration and inter-professional engagement. Also, discussed in the blog article are the benefits to doctors of hearing more from the nursing perspective of care. Specifically, doctors get to hear more about the patient’s skin condition, such as pressure injuries and other quality-safety checklist items updated daily by the bedside nurse during the conversation with the patient.

Read the original article and learn more about the Unit at the Harvard Business Review here: original HBR article.

Innovative team rounding solutions like SIBR within ACUs are increasingly showing significant changes in clinical, cost, and patient and staff satisfaction.