patient care quality
November 24, 2017

ACU care model on ACE unit improves communication and patient care quality

Key Concept

Accountable Care Units (ACU® care model) with Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR® rounds) improve communication and patient care quality.


A single-site study examining the ACU care model with SIBR rounds in an Aged Care for the Elderly Unit.

The authors used a mixed methods approach and examined the perceptions of nurses, therapists, patient care technicians and social workers.  The survey was administered to staff on the Accountable Care Unit and to four control units. The control units did not use a patient-centered rounding process such as SIBR rounds.

ACU & SIBR Relevant Findings

Staff on the ACU reported significant positive perceptions of communication and patient care quality compared to the control unit. Most noteworthy, nursing job satisfaction and interdisciplinary communication were improved compared to the control units. These findings are also especially relevant to potential benefits in nurse recruitment and retention.

Consequently, the findings provide evidence that the ACU structure and processes have a dual benefit of improved job satisfaction and patient quality of care.

Additional Information

Find out more about the ACU care model and SIBR rounds here:

Significantly, 1Unit has been working closely with one of the authors to bring the ACU care model to post-acute care settings. Contact us to learn more about this work or express your interest in its application.


We are prohibited from providing a direct link to the paper. Please use the citation below to source the article. Gausvik, C., Lautar, A., Miller, L., Pallerla, H. & Schlaudecker, J., 2015. Structured nursing communication on interdisciplinary acute care teams improves perceptions of safety, efficiency, understanding of care plan and teamwork as well as job satisfaction. Journal of multidisciplinary healthcare, 8, 33.