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December 19, 2017

Harvard Business Review ACU article

Description of the Accountable Care Unit® care model – HBR ACU article

Back in 2013, the Harvard Business Review approached Dr. Jason Stein to learn more about the Accountable Care Unit care model. Dr. Stein had already implemented the ACU at Emory Healthcare for several years. Dr. Stein had also transferred the ACU care model beyond Emory and the original acute medical care setting. The result of this interest was a HBR ACU article titled ‘A remedy for fragmented hospital care’.

In fact, several of us were involved in a significant training and implementation session in Australia earlier in 2013. This work served as proof that the ACU care model would function successfully in both the US and Australian health systems. Of course, this also proved applicability in predominantly private as well as public health systems. Our initial work in Australia also allowed us to extend the ACU Care model to several other clinical care settings, including:

  • aged care rehab
  • cardiology
  • neurosurgery

It also presented the opportunity to implement ACUs in rural and remote settings. But that’s a different, longer story.

The HBR article itself describes the ACU care model and Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR® rounds) with some detail. But we wouldn’t suggest you consider it a tool to support ACU implementation. There is a lot more detail, project & change management, and training & mentorship that we provide to support implementation.