January 15, 2018

Coordinated care through Accountable Care Units

Coordinated care through the ACU® care model

Saskatchewan, Canada, has been driving the growth of the Accountable Care Unit care model locally for the last 3 years. This growth has seen the launch of close to 10 ACUs in a number of hospitals within the state. And more growth is planned as further interest develops within Saskatchewan and the benefits of coordinated care are realized.

Recent training sessions in Regina and Saskatoon saw a number of teams from across the state converge to learn more about how to achieve coorindated care through the ACU care model. The success of the existing ACUs at caring and treating patients with complex care needs has other hospitals, including some rural/remote hospitals, looking to be next to launch.

Some ACUs are reporting length-of-stay reductions of 12.2% and 15%. One unit has cared for 105% more patients than before ACU implementation. Patients are happier and feel much better informed, while staff are more rewarded by their work since launching the ACUs.