Canada Provincial ACU Visioning Session
October 30, 2018

Hospital System ACU Visioning Session

Hospital System ACU Visioning Session

In late 2018, a Canadian province had expanded the Accountable Care Unit model to 4 wards across multiple hospitals. This 2-year pilot was going well, and the province needed a clear plan and business case to keep growing. To help them, we designed and delivered a 1-day Hospital System ACU Visioning Session for their leadership team and key stakeholders. We convened 30 managers, nurses, physicians, quality officers, and administrators to co-create the ACU journey for the province.

The result was not just group alignment around a clear plan, but also a renewed enthusiasm for systematically improving care for every patient, at every bed, every day. As a bonus, those few participants who were on the fence came away with conviction.

The event co-sponsor, an Executive Director for the province’s health authority, commented about this session:

“This was by far the best facilitated session I’ve ever attended.”

Hospitals and hospital systems are complex, and change is hard. This is why our standard implementation with your healthcare organization includes a thoughtfully designed and facilitated ACU Visioning Session like this one. Instead of a “sage on a stage” agenda heavy on PowerPoint, we spend most of our time in highly interactive group problem-solving. With our guidance, your team has what it takes to design the right ACU Journey that works for you.

We know that with lots of “tribes” in any hospital system there’s no substitute for getting everyone in a room together to get aligned on an inspiring vision for change. We have experience with hundreds of hospital units, and we synthesize that wisdom so that 1-2 days of facilitated conversation can replace months of calls and meetings.

If you’re interested in an Accountable Care Unit visioning session for your hospital, please get in touch by clicking here.

Sample Agenda, 1-day session:

1 – Launchpad: Build common understanding of the Accountable Care Unit model and its 4 design features

2 – Takeoff: Co-create and stress-test your ACU Journey Map through interactive groupwork

3 – Landing: Align on next actions, explore “what ifs,” and adjourn on an inspirational note

Suggested Size

5 to 30 participants


Free for 1Unit subscriber institutions

  • Also available as a one-off purchase: $15,000 for 1-day/$25,000 for 2-day session (price paid can be applied to 1Unit subscription)