ACU Commonwealth Case Study

ACU Commonwealth Case Study

An ACU commonwealth case study that outlines improvements in clinical, cost, and satisfaction outcomes as a result of implementing the Accountable Care Unit (ACU® care model). The Unit is a 35-bed medical unit in a public tertiary hospital.

The case study is particularly interesting as it highlights an example of some of the innovations we see Units creating to improve additional clinical issues. In this case, components added to the ACU standard daily processes resulted in improvements in nutritional screening and daily weights.

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Lead provider and patient discuss care plan during SIBR rounds

Coordinated care through Accountable Care Units

Coordinated care through the ACU® care model Saskatchewan, Canada, has been driving the growth of the Accountable Care Unit care model locally for the last 3 years. This growth has seen the launch of close to 10 ACUs in a…

3. Reliability: The Simple Power of Checklists

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Results from Canada’s First Accountable Care Unit

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RESULTS FROM CANADA’S FIRST ACCOUNTABLE CARE UNIT A focused look at a recent submission to the Canadian Society of Hospital Medicine’s annual conference 2017. The submission is made available here with approval from the study authors (details below) and it…

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ACU care team at bedside with patient

ACU care model is a disruptive innovation & radical transformation of care delivery

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Moving toward fully integrated, patient-centered care on inpatient hospital units requires radically transforming current unit and hospital structures and processes. One promising new care model, the Accountable Care Unit (ACU), offers alternative structures and processes. One process, Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR) puts patients at the center of care, bringing the interprofessional care team to patients’ bedsides every day.