ACU Pediatrics care model

ACU Pediatrics care model

SIBR Pediatric Training Manual: SIBR team at bedside
Care team at bedside engaging patient & parent during SIBR

1Unit’s flagship program, the Accountable Care Unit care model, optimized for a pediatric setting. Understanding the needs of pediatric patients and families is key to supporting them through challenging in-hospital care.

The ACU® pediatric care model ensures the patient is the center of the team, includes the family in daily conversations and decision making, and opens communication between all team members.

Accountable Care Units are defined as geographic care areas consistently responsible for the clinical, cost, and satisfaction outcomes they produce.

Accountable Care Units have four complementary design features:
1. Unit-based physician teams
2. Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR® rounds)
3. Unit-level performance reporting
4. Unit-level physician and nurse co-leadership

Organizing care teams by units creates predictability, cohesiveness, and better communication. At its core, the ACU is about bringing people together; to work together, to collaborate together, to care together. When you work together and look out for each other, it’s much easier to provide incredible care to patients, work doesn’t seem so hard and you’re reminded why you chose your career in the first place.

Decrease length of stay, complications, adverse events, mortality, and inappropriate resource utilization. Increase patient and staff satisfaction.

The future of pediatric care starts here.

A hospitalization of your child is a stressful event: the concern for your child’s health, and the lack of autonomy, control, interval updates and communication contribute to the sense of frustration and uncertainty.

As patients and healthcare professionals ourselves, we understand that the current delivery of hospital care does not meet your needs. Demand more, demand better!

The ACU Pediatrics Care Model puts the patient and family at the center of the care team. This means:

  • significantly more bedside team-based care in which you are welcomed into the daily processes
  • open discussions of interval test updates and notable events
  • proactive management of potentially compounding care factors
  • shared decision making remove those common causes of frustration and uncertainty

Proactively including patients in their care plan and decisions from door-to-door is what should be the norm. The ACU Pediatrics Care Model puts you and your child at the center of the care team and care plans.


SIBR Pediatric Training Manual: Updating patient & family
Lead Provider updating the patient & family with new information since yesterday's MDT round, i.e. SIBR

Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds

A major constraint in hospitals is the persistence of underperforming frontline clinical care teams. Hospital physicians and nurses have never been trained to coordinate efficiently and effectively with the patient and each other at the bedside.

It’s time for a change!

With 1Unit’s SIBR rounds, care teams come together working collaboratively with patients at the bedside, sharing critical-thinking based on new data points, cross-checking information  accuracy, proactively identifying deviations from the expected course and making adjustments in real-time through a developed, shared and cohesive plan designed to best meet the patient’s needs.

With 1Unit’s services, hospitals can offer the practice-based training and real-time feedback that physicians, nurses, allied health and leaders need to ensure staff become experts and remain experts in SIBR rounds.

Through tens of thousands of observations in hospital units all over the world, we identified the specific behaviors essential for physicians and nurses to master high-performance SIBR rounds.

We first created SIBR rounds for ourselves so we could be much more proactive for our patients. When we realized most hospitals have the same need, we created a solution for them too. While many hospitals have learned that the secret to proactive care is successful interdisciplinary bedside rounds, most home-grown efforts are costly, typically overlook critical details, and are prone to fail. With the experience of more than 100 launches in a variety of hospital settings, we know exactly what hospitals need for successful interdisciplinary teamwork.

Make proactive care routine, make proactive care the new normal.

PICU Rounding Time per Patient

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Excellent/top responses from family satisfaction survey

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PICU Resident's Perceptions of SIBR

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