Accountable Care Units

The leadership and teamwork of a unit determine its outcomes -- and an ACU® optimizes these twin elements.

Teamwork: Patients receive care from unit-oriented physicians and nurses who have standardized their interdisciplinary teamwork in the form of SIBR Rounds.

Leadership: ACUs are led by a co-trained nurse-physician leader dyad actively managing the unit to outcome targets.

Components of the Accountable Care Unit

“The ACU difference is dramatic. It’s like we have twice the number of hands on deck, but we haven’t hired anyone new. We’ve just trained everyone to coordinate with each other and with greater purpose. You can see this remarkable belief here now. We know we’re delivering the care we’d want for our family members or ourselves.”
– Unit Medical Director

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Well-supported in the Literature

Review the literature and you’ll find 18 studies of ACUs published since 2015. 15 of these 18 studies reported that their units saw desired outcomes.
ACUs have achieved 19% shorter Length of Stay, 25% lower hospital mortality, and 73% fewer patient complaints.

Length of Stay Reductions per Unit

Cost Reductions per Unit in 1 Year


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