Affirm Competency

Affirm and certify staff competency with new processes

1Unit’s standardized and structured solutions simplify the learning and training process for your staff. Using training guides, knowledge tests and videos, our training content clearly describes the contributions and performance standards expected from staff. No more ambiguity or misunderstanding of expectations from staff.

Achieving a high level of competency of a new process requires upskilling and clarification of key tasks, behaviors, and sequences in the process. As a result of our standardized processes, we enable staff to quickly become familiar with the new processes.

Skills Assessments Linked to New Processes

The 1Unit App’s skills assessments enable hospitals to rapidly upskill staff to a new standard of care by enabling staff to receive objective, codified feedback on their performance in the real world with patients or peers.

1Unit’s real-time electronic skills assessment and certification system allows leaders, trainers, and even peers to provide objective, codified and specific feedback to staff. This feedback guides staff towards establishing new performance levels and a new standard of care on Units. Providing private, specific feedback to staff without the need for coaching significantly distributes the ability to give performance feedback. This up-tempos the rate of adoption of new processes.  Equally, it reduces the need for off-unit simulation training, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

More feedback = more progress!

Track Progress and Performance

Skills assessment results and certification rates can be reviewed and tracked over time by unit trainers, unit leaders and hospital executives. Aggregated data can be used by unit leaders and executives to understand the pace and efficacy of program adoption and implementation. This facilitates planning for future spread within the hospital and optimizing available resources.

Furthermore, the ability to re-certify staff through repeat or spot-check skills assessments prevents a drop in standards over time. As a result, staff continue to perform at the new high standard.

1Unit App Real-Time Skills Assessments

Using the 1Unit App to complete real-time assessments

Practice-based training can develop proactive care