Health Care Analytics

Gain greater insights and improve outcomes faster

1Unit’s health care analytics dashboards provide hospital leaders with on-demand access to the progress your Units are making with the 1Unit Programs. Easily review data on:

  1. Training progress
  2. Skills assessments & certifications
  3. Process Reports
  4. Observations

Readily identify delays, resource needs and organizational gaps, and monitor selected outcomes and metrics.

The dashboards also create an accountability component for each unit. Comparing unit performance across training progress, skills assessments and certification rates can be key to success. The dashboards can support understanding of internal organizational issues that are potentially affecting program implementation.

Learning early on during the process of an innovation being rolled out is vital to ensuring successful launch, followed by spread and sustainment. With analytics information readily available, spreading the 1Unit Programs throughout your facility becomes a much easier task.

The 1Unit health care analytics tools are also used by the 1Unit Mentors to remotely monitor, diagnose and help optimize rollout within your facility.

The power for organizational change, in your hands!

Health care analytics dashboard

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