Operations Insights for COVID Patient Flow and Care

Learn what’s working right now at similar hospitals —

from a physician COO working the COVID frontlines at multiple hospitals.

Address the 3 key COVID challenges:

•  Patient flow for COVID patients

•  Staffing COVID units
•  Standardizing COVID care

Where are the Insights Coming From?

Jason Stein is a hospital medicine physician and clinical operations specialist working 60+ direct care hours per week in COVID ICUs, PCUs, and wards in multiple U.S. hospitals. Dr. Stein is developing and exchanging important insights to improve the flow, care, and staffing for COVID patients.

Dr. Stein is an Innovation Advisor to the Center of Medicare & Medicaid Services and the physician-founder and CEO of 1Unit, a company which helps hospitals improve care coordination and patient flow. He developed the hospital care model known as the Accountable Care Unit, at the heart of which is Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds. The ACU care model has been adopted by more than 100 units worldwide.

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Exclusive: Please only share with other hospital leaders. Developed on COVID ICUs and wards during summer 2020. Last Updated: September 2020.

Who is 1Unit?

We are a global network of hospital physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals who leverage daily frontline insights to streamline clinical operations.

Our clinical ops innovations have won several national awards from the Society of Hospital Medicine and attracted international attention. They’ve spawned several papers and were recognized by the CMS Innovation Center.

Our name, 1Unit, represents our core conviction: hospital care is better when the whole unit is working together as a well-oiled interdisciplinary care team. This social mission is our life’s work.

Hospital care team together

Leading Health Systems and Hospitals Trust Us

•  Brigham & Womens
•  University of Michigan
•  Yale-New Haven
•  Emory University Healthcare
•  Cambridge Memorial Hospital
•  Ascension St. Vincent
•  UCHealth
•  Oshsner
… and dozens more

Why we do this

Your patients are our patients.

We help take care of them by giving you up-to-date access to tools and best practices, and by helping you make them work for your hospital.

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