Energize and engage staff, patients and families

1Unit’s programs help to re-engage staff in their daily routines by creating accountability and adding new value and meaning. By highlighting the importance of each new process and everyone’s contribution to patient recovery through the new processes, we can align staff engagement with organizational goals.

Subsequently, clarifying the importance of the new processes and the organization’s goals can create a new set of behaviors and culture. Through these new behaviors and culture, we can improve patient care, as well as clinical and cost outcomes. 1Unit’s programs place frontline staff at the center of the new tools and processes. In doing so, we meet the needs of the staff and increase ownership and engagement with the changes.

Improving staff engagement can significantly reduce turnover, absenteeism, even worker compensation claims, and improve clinical care outcomes.

Maximize your existing internal staff potential by simultaneously:

  1. re-engaging staff at all levels of your organization; and
  2. creating accountability and processes that support staff to achieve new high-quality standards of care.
“nurse engagement is the No. 1 predictor of mortality variation across hospitals. The commitment and emotional involvement of the nurses on staff is even more important than their numbers.”

Gallop 2005

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