The Evidence Base for SIBR

The Most-Evidence-Based Practice You’re Not Doing Yet?


SIBR might be the most evidence-based clinical pratice your hospital units are not using yet.

Strong results of Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR Rounds) have been well-documented across 15 presented and published studies from the past decade representing 14 different hospitals.

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SIBR results come in 5 flavors

1Unit Nurses First SIBR rounds Early Discharge Length of stay

LOS & DC coordination

9-15% decrease in LOS typical

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Reduce harm events

24.5% decrease in unit mortality


Patient experience

88 point increase for HCAHPS “rate the hospital”

Reduced care costs

$1.4M annual savings per unit due to lower LOS

Employee engagement

24% increase in nursing job satisfaction (76% to 100%)

Reduce Harm Events + Delight Patients + Satisfy Employees + Reduce Costs of Care = No Tradeoffs Needed

Why is SIBR special? Most hospital interventions involve tradeoffs — improve patient care at a cost, or save costs by cutting care. The SIBR evidence base shows it’s possible to break those trade-offs — improve patient care and satisfaction in a way that produces significant cost savings. In this way, a SIBR implementation led by 1Unit can pay for itself within a few months.

If innovation is the breaking of conventional tradeoffs, then SIBR may be the most innovative clinical operations practice available.

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SIBR has worked on more than 20 unit types

1Unit Unit Type Evidence

Acute Medical Units

1Unit Unit Type Evidence Aged Care

Aged Care

1Unit Unit Type Aged Care Rehab Evidence

Aged Care Rehab

1Unit Unit Type Cardiac Evidence

Cardiac Care

1Unit Unit Type ICU Evidence


1Unit Unit Type HDU Evidence


1Unit Unit Type Infectious Disease Evidence

Infectious Disease

1Unit Unit Type Med-Surg Evidence

Med-surg units

1Unit Unit Type Neurology Evidence


1Unit Unit Type Neurosurgery Evidence


1Unit Unit Type Observation Evidence

Observation Unit

1Unit Unit Type Oncology Evidence


1Unit Unit Type Orthopedics Evidence


1Unit Unit Type Pediatrics Evidence


1Unit Unit Type Renal Evidence