Reduce Costs With 1Unit

Our highly coordinated, patient-centered model is associated with more efficient and less costly care. By optimizing throughput, avoidable costs can be minimized or eliminated. In addition, reducing length of hospital stays due to efficiency and faster discharge protocols, increase savings to the patient and hospital.

Reported Outcomes

After adopting our 1Unit Solutions, our clients have reported improved statistics on cost reductions.

  • $1.4M annual savings per unit due to lower LOS
  • 29% ($1,400) reduction in direct variable costs per hospitalization
  • 30% reduction in 7-day readmissions
  • 25% reduction in 30-day readmissions
  • 9-15% decrease in length of stay

What mechanisms create these results?

Standardizing processes such as Bedside Handover and SIBR rounds on units creates stability, consistency and reliability. Staff learn to trust in the processes: consistent structure, start times and content.

Clarity around who is responsible for each element of the care plan and the clear assignments of tasks each day ensure that patient care delivery is optimized. Care coordination improves, risk states are identified and mitigated in a proactive manner, patient concerns are actively managed.

Units see less harm events occurring, less hospital acquired complications and improvements in variable costs per case.


See what improvements our partner hospitals achieved after implementing our programs

SIBR Reduces Length of Stay #1

10% decrease in length of stay on a pediatric ICU (p<0.004)

SIBR Reduces Length of Stay #2

0.4 day reduction in length of stay on a medical telemetry unit vs. 0.8 day increase on control units

SIBR Reduces Length of Stay #3

43% reduction in length of stay on a trauma-surgical unit

50 patient increase in throughput per month

SIBR Reduces Length of Stay #4

16% reduction in length of stay on a 30 bed medical unit

SIBR Reduces Length of Stay #5

18% reduction in length of stay on a medical unit vs. 3% reduction on control unit

SIBR Reduces Length of Stay #6

19% reduction in length of stay on an aged care rehab unit

SIBR Reduces Length of Stay #7

1.2 day reduction in mean length of stay for all oncology patients

SIBR Reduces Cost of Stay

29% reduction in adjusted cost of stay on SIBR unit compared to control units (p=0.012)

SIBR Reduces Cost per Case

$1.546 savings in average total cost per care

$2.4M savings in cost per case on SIBR unit over 21 months

Reduced Overtime Costs

35.4% trend reduction in nursing overtime costs on an Accountable Care Unit (ACU)

Reduced Need for Paid Overtime

Approx. $360,000 total annual savings in reduced overtime on Accountable Care Unit (ACU)

Explore Other Real Life Examples and Case Studies

Our programs, which have been embraced by hundreds of unit-based teams around the world, provide better care more efficiently and with a more human touch.


LOS & DC coordination

Up to 43% decrease in LOS – 9-15% typical


Harm events

24.5% decrease in unit mortality


Patient experience

88 point increase for HCAHPS “rate the hospital”


Employee engagement

24% increase in nursing job satisfaction