Increase Employee Engagement

One of the main goals at 1Unit is to increase employee engagement, communication and teamwork scores. Frontline engagement is essential to a functional, safe working environment.

“Nurse engagement is the No. 1 predictor of mortality variation across hospitals. The commitment and emotional involvement of the nurses on staff is even more important than their numbers.”

Source: Gallup.

Reported Outcomes

Units implementing SIBR® rounds report a variety of employee satisfaction and participation benefits:

  • 49% increase in nurse participation in team rounds
  • 100-300% increase in family participation in team rounds
  • 34% increase in nursing job satisfaction
  • 25% decrease in team rounds’ duration
  • Significant improvements in interprofessional communication

What mechanisms create these results?

Standardizing processes such as Bedside Handover and SIBR rounds on units creates stability, consistency and reliability. Staff learn to trust in the processes: consistent structure, start times and content.

They start to realize that there is a different way to care for patients – a way to deliver great care with less effort. And with this gain comes a sense of satisfaction and pride from the care they are then delivering.

These same process features enable patients and their families to familiarize themselves with the unit’s routines and get their questions answered: when will the doctor come, why have the medications changed, who arranges the post-hospitalization medical equipment, what is the plan of care, where will they be discharged?


See what improvements our partner hospitals achieved after implementing our programs

SIBR Increases Rounds Participation #1

49% increase in nursing participation

308% increase in family participation

SIBR Increases Rounds Participation #2

104% increase in family participation

369% increase in Respiratory Care Practitioner participation

SIBR Increases Rounds Participation #3

Nursing and allied health participation in rounds were significantly higher for SIBR rounds

SIBR Doubles Interprofessional Communication

37% increase in residents’ rating of IPC

105% increase in nurses’ rating of IPC

SIBR Increases Interprofessional Communication Quality

68% increase in residents’ perceptions of the quality of IPC compared to other units

Improved nursing satisfaction across a number of measures

24% increase in nursing staff job satisfaction

Staff prefer SIBR rounds to traditional unit rounds

78% nurses found SIBR rounds to be more useful than traditional rounds

Physicians say SIBR is more effective

97% increase PICU resident physicians say SIBR is more effective than rounds without structure

SIBR Shortens Duration of Rounds

25% reduction in IDR rounding duration compared to traditional rounds.
110 minutes saved per day

Explore Other Real Life Examples and Case Studies

Our programs, which have been embraced by hundreds of unit-based teams around the world, provide better care more efficiently and with a more human touch.


LOS & DC coordination

Up to 43% decrease in LOS – 9-15% typical


Harm events

24.5% decrease in unit mortality


Patient experience

88 point increase for HCAHPS “rate the hospital”


Care costs

$1.4M annual savings per unit due to lower LOS