Improve Patient Engagement and HCAHPS Scores

Shortly after implementing the SIBRs, patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores begin to rise for our clients.  The HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey standardizes patients’ perspectives on the health care they are receiving. This is a good metric to understand what is working from another point of view other than healthcare professionals. Not only do the hospital staff, nurses and doctors all benefit from 1Unit programs, but patients are pleased with the ease of communication and overall care they are provided.

Reported Outcomes

• 300% increase in family participation
• 60% decrease in patient complaints
• 75 percentile point increase for HCAHPS “rate the hospital”
• 80 percentile point increase for HCAHPS “communication with nurses”
• NPS score of 30 (considered ‘good/great’)
• Decreased reduction in ICU rounding time and interruption times

A consolidated list from more than 15 published studies from the past decade.
Sources available upon request.

What mechanisms create these results?

By introducing the 1Unit programs, Nurses First, SIBR rounds, and ACUs, units consistently see patient satisfaction and family participation increase. Effective communication routines embedded into daily work flow created better connections between nurses, doctors, patients and family members. Predictability of when these processes will happen each shift enhances the opportunity for family to attend and engage.


See what improvements our partner hospitals achieved after implementing our programs

SIBR Increases HCAHPS Scores #1

40 percentile point increase for ‘doctors listened carefully to you’

75 percentile point increase for ‘rate the hospital’

SIBR Increases HCAHPS Scores #2

80 percentile point increase for ‘communication with nurses’

SIBR Teams Earn Top Marks More Often

80 percentile point increase for ‘communication with nurses’

SIBR Decreases Patients’ Complaints

60% reduction in patient complaints

Patients Prefer SIBR Rounds

Patients preferred SIBR across all survey criteria

Nurses Explain Relevant Test Results Better

21% increase in patient’s perceptions of staffs’ ability to explain test results

SIBR Increases Family Participation in Rounds #1

308% increase in family participation on rounds in an adult ICU

SIBR Increases Family Participation in Rounds #2

104% increase in family participation in rounds in a pediatric ICU

SIBR Increases Family Participation in Rounds #3

19-out-of-20 clinicians say SIBR is better for patient-family participation

Explore Other Real Life Examples and Case Studies

Our programs, which have been embraced by hundreds of unit-based teams around the world, provide better care more efficiently and with a more human touch.


LOS & DC coordination

Up to 43% decrease in LOS – 9-15% typical


Harm events

24.5% decrease in unit mortality


Care costs

$1.4M annual savings per unit due to lower LOS


Employee engagement

24% increase in nursing job satisfaction