Future Leaders

Develop organizational capacity for growth and innovation

1Unit’s programs, tools and mentoring provide a new perspective on innovation rollout for experienced leaders. Equally, they enable new,  enthusiastic leaders to navigate the complexities of:

  1. Project management
  2. Change management
  3. Introduction of innovative new processes
  4. Data tracking for internal reports or research

These skills and the foundation of experienced gained through working with 1Unit builds an internal resource of experienced leadership staff for program spread. Frequently, these staff go on to future leadership roles within the organization.

Frontline Leadership

1Unit’s programs are typically targeted at improving the daily routines and processes of frontline staff. By engaging frontline staff in the adaption and adoption of these processes, we build frontline engagement in the success of the changes. Inevitably, this leads to the staff volunteering to become champions of the new processes. In time, these champions become role models and leaders amongst their peers and more actively involved in mentoring new staff.

Unit Leadership

1Unit’s programs create innovations at the front line of care, but management of these changes is typically maintained by the Unit leadership. 1Unit often recommends a nurse and physician leadership pair at the Unit level. This pair can typically handle the barriers to innovation adoption across disciplines.

Unfortunately, some unit-level leaders lack the experience necessary to roll out significant innovations and change. 1Unit supports your Unit leaders through the implementation and launch phases of the innovation through structured change management processes, support tools, and distance mentoring. The expertise and knowledge gained can equally be applied to future innovations and change management projects. We often see Unit leaders tasked with leading the spread of our programs across a hospital or system.

Executive Leadership

At 1Unit, we encourage accountability across and vertically through organizations. Engaging executive sponsors with program rollout is hugely beneficial to long-term success. Even if this engagement is just a regular 15-minute huddle with the Unit leaders about progress or barriers, the benefits can be significant.

1Unit will work with your executive sponsors to develop strategic initiatives to spread the programs throughout the facility. We also have experience working strategically at a hospital, system and state/province-health level.

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