Access content anywhere, anytime

1Unit’s cloud-based Platform is designed to be mobile and user-friendly.

Healthcare has shifted from static workstations to flexible working solutions. We’ve built the 1Unit Platform from the ground up to match the reality of working in clinical settings.

Also, the 1Unit Platform is designed to be ‘lightweight’: no software to download, and typically no need to involve the IT department. If you and your staff have access to the internet, your opportunity to grow, change and develop is unlimited.

Do you use different devices and operating systems, i.e. Android, Apple MAC, Apple iOS, Windows? No problem. The 1Unit Platform works and looks the same across each and while using most modern web browsers. No need to reorient yourself if you swap devices.

Managing your next innovation such as Accountable Care Units (ACUs), Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR) or Nursing Change of Shift processes just got a whole lot easier.