Online Learning


Have confidence that your staff have access to the most efficient and highest quality industry leading education – “what to do and why” – for nursing change of shift huddle, bedside handover and SIBR® rounds. Our online learning is concise, high quality, on-demand and fully trackable.

Skills Verification


Rest assured that performance variability for daily care processes is a thing of the past. Know that your staff are not only trained in industry leading daily care processes but are also verified in their ability to consistently perform at the required standard. Real-time, impartial, stakeholder specific skills assessments provide private, objective feedback on high-performance behaviors for Nurses First Bedside Handover and SIBR so that staff efficiently ‘level-up’ to the hospital’s new standard of care. 

Tracking & Reporting


Gain insights into the sharp-end of care delivery with data reports and dashboards. Review staff training and certification rates with ease. Remotely track nursing shift activity, or SIBR® rounds performance data every day. Compare unit performance over time and see who are the high-performing doctors.

STEP ONE: Online Training Modules

The 1Unit Platform streamlines and standardizes the introductory portion of Nurses First and SIBR training.

It takes just 20-25 minutes per person to learn the basic “what” and “why” of either Nurses First or SIBR.

These videos are crucial for initial rollout – to level-set all staff on a unit to the core concepts – as well as for sustainability: equipping new staff later with on-demand, just-in-time learning.

This online training is an efficient way to conduct introductory education – concise, high quality, on-demand, fully tracked, every time – which in turn reduces the duration and improves the outcomes of in-service/classroom training.

The learning management functionality makes it easy to track progress across a service line or the hospital.


STEP TWO: Electronic Skills Assessments

To achieve the clinical, cost, staff and patient improvement outcomes that leaders are committed to, it is vital that the new care processes are being performed at their highest level.

Electronic skills assessments provide confidence to leaders that staff are performing the new care processes at the highest level. It is one thing to teach staff a process, it is a different league of hospital that then verifies that staff are performing to the new standard.

Dashboards and reports enable hospital leaders to easily track unit certification rates across a service line or the hospital. Identify and mitigate units that are falling behind on staff certifications, which could undermine the process. Readily know where to focus efforts and energy to reap optimal outcomes.

STEP THREE: Process Performance Tracking

The Platform enables leaders to gain insights into the sharp-end of frontline care delivery, without having to step onto the units. Change of shift huddle report data enables leaders gain visibility into the unit’s nursing team: busyness, mood, resource intensive patients, barriers to progress.

Dashboards and reports provide insights into SIBR quantity and quality for a unit, service line or across the hospital. The SIBR data feeds daily, weekly and quarterly performance reports, and individual SIBR scorecards for doctors and allied health staff.