Online Learning


Streamline core concept learning with brief “what to do and why” videos and quizzes. Our online learning is concise, high quality, on-demand and fully trackable.

Skills Verification


Nurses can gain confidence in the skill set electronic skills verification. Any user can conduct a real-time, impartial, skills assessment with a web-app and provide private, objective feedback on high-performance behaviors to achieve Nurses First Bedside Handover verification and SIBR certification.

Tracking & Reporting


We give nurses the ability to track SIBR® rounds performance data every day. This critical task holds physician and allied health colleagues accountable to the process. The data feeds daily, weekly and quarterly performance reports for the unit, individual scorecards and dashboards for unit and hospital leaders. This is critical to the long-term success of the program.

STEP ONE: Online Training Modules

The 1Unit Platform streamlines and standardizes the introductory portion of Nurses First and SIBR training (which is followed by onsite, in-service education).

It takes just 20 minutes per person to learn the basic “what” and “why” of either Nurses First or SIBR.

These videos are crucial for initial rollout – to level-set all staff on a unit to the core concepts – as well as for sustainability: equipping new staff later with on-demand, just-in-time learning.

This online training is an efficient way to conduct introductory education – concise, high quality, on-demand, fully tracked, every time – which in turn reduces the duration and improves the outcomes of in-service/classroom training.

The learning management functionality makes it easy to track progress of each participating individual and unit.


STEP TWO: Electronic Skills Assessments

The 1Unit Platform enables electronic skills assessment and verification of Bedside Handover competence and SIBR certification.

We began developing this software in 2013 when we saw a need for standardized, impartial skills assessments. Our healthcare and software engineers have been refining this tool for 6 years and through dozens of implementations. Each assessment is captured, date- and time-stamped, and available for review by unit and hospital leaders.

Electronic skills assessments are an effective way to deliver private, objective, real-time, specific feedback based on observed performance relative to a set of high-performance behaviors. They are ideal for revealing blind spots and improving performance right away.

When an individual earns three passing scores, the 1Unit Software Platform marks them as ‘SIBR Certified’ or ‘Competency Verified for Bedside Handover’ (as the case may be).

The individual is then eligible to receive and wear an N1 badge or SIBR pin.

STEP THREE: Process Performance Tracking

The Platform enables nurses to report on daily SIBR quantity and quality. This data provides insights to managers and executives to track performance of each individual and unit through leadership dashboards and analytics. It also acts as an accountability tool to ensure the team are performing SIBR at a high-quality for a sufficient quantity of patients each day.

The data feeds daily, weekly and quarterly performance reports, individual SIBR scorecards for doctors and allied health staff, and unit level dashboards on team performance.

Data Collection

We’ll teach charge nurses how to:

-Help staff predict when SIBR will happen for their patients

-Help SIBR move smoothly from one patient to the next

-Capture daily data within the 1Unit Platform to help you track SIBR Quantity and SIBR Quality on each unit.

Data Entry

After the SIBR round has finished, the SIBR Flight Plan manager can easily enter the key data into the software on their cell phone or hand the completed form to a unit clerk for entry. Recorded data then feeds into daily, weekly and quarterly performance reports and the SIBR Dashboard.