“Injecting that intentionality into it”

Gillian, a Unit Nurse Manager, describes what she likes to see happening when SIBR Rounds are working well – the team members actively considering each item discussed and taking action to address each.

Location: Colorado, US

ACU started: 2012

Great continuity and safety net

A great continuity and safety net

“A great continuity and safety net” Sarah & Lisa described several aspects of the Accountable Care Unit (ACUĀ® care model) and Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBRĀ® rounds), but of significant importance to them was the comfort it brought them in…
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Staff describe how working in an ACU as the highlight of my career

Highlight of my career

“Highlight of my career” ACU staff briefly describe their experiences of working on an Accountable Care Unit. How many of your colleagues would share the same sentiments? Location: Saskatchewan, Canada ACU started: 2014
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Amy, a nurse RN, describes the value of the patient voice

Staff perspective on patient centered care

“Staff perspective on patient centered care” Amy, a Charge Nurse/Team Lead, talks about the importance of the patient voice and patient centered care to frontline staff. Developing care processes that put the patient at the center and bring the team…
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