“Part to play”

Gillian, an Accountable Care Unit (ACU® care model) unit nurse manager, describes her concerns around engaging new grad nurses. Gillian recognizes that new grad nurses are at a critical junction in their career. A lot of nurses leave the profession at this early stage.

How can we create work environments that give them a chance to learn to love nursing and stay in the profession. Gillian highlights how new grad nurses can have a part to play on the unit and improvements they’ve seen in staff satisfaction scores.

Gillian follows on by discussing some unit quality metrics that they’re particularly proud of: CAUTIs and CLABSIs.

Location: Colorado, US

ACU started: 2012

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Alana describes how SIBR can get rid of barriers between disciplines

Barrier between disciplines

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reliable team member

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Great continuity and safety net

A great continuity and safety net

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