“The loop will be closed by my reliable team member”

Jon, ACU physician co-lead, describes some of the problems and frustrations physicians have everyday. But, he also describes how working Accountable Care Unit (ACU® care model) ensures that the loop will be closed by a reliable team member.

There’s a sense of relief when you’re working in an actual care team.

Location: Colorado, US

ACU started: 2012

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Gillian a Unit Nurse Manager describes the role grad nurses have to play on Accoutnable Care Units

Part to play

“Part to play” Gillian, an Accountable Care Unit (ACU® care model) unit nurse manager, describes her concerns around engaging new grad nurses. Gillian recognizes that new grad nurses are at a critical junction in their career. A lot of nurses…
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Staff discuss the benefits of team care and another neat aspect of the ACU

Another neat aspect of the ACU

“Another neat aspect of the ACU” Hearing from frontline care staff can bring to attention elements of daily difficulties and struggles that are often overlooked. In this short video Alana, a physiotherapist, and Nicole, a social worker, discuss how Accountable…
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Alana describes how SIBR can get rid of barriers between disciplines

Barrier between disciplines

“Barrier between disciplines” Alana, a physiotherapist, describes how Accountable Care Units (ACU® care model) and Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR® rounds) can help care teams to: become familiar with each, develop trust, get rid of the barrier between disciplines. When…
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