Standardize daily care processes

Reduce process variability & improve care outcomes

Standardize daily care routines using 1Unit’s customized processes that create high-quality, patient-centered care. Introducing structure and order to daily care processes enables staff to work toward specific daily events that ensure care continuation across shifts and team members. Staff gain clarity about performance expectations and have accountability between team members.

Our standardized daily care processes are developed by doctors and nurses, and are rigorously field tested. We continue to refine our processes and implementation methods through lessons learned and customer feedback.

Standardization should not be equated to de-skilling/de-motivating staff or eroding clinical expectations. Quite the opposite, in fact! By standardizing daily care processes, we set clear expectations of care. Additionally, we enable staff to focus on specific high-value process steps, e.g. information acquisition, assimilation or verification. Standardization reduces the work effort required to understand clinically significant information and, consequently, better supports critical thinking. Most importantly, giving staff the opportunity to share this critical thinking prevents the normalization of deviance and clinical inertia.

1Unit’s Training Manuals

1Unit’s visual and detailed training manuals describe the ‘high-performance behaviors’, ‘what to do’, ‘why’ and ‘point of emphasis’ for each process step. Our training manuals present all perspectives to staff. As a result, all staff know and understand what role their colleagues play in the process, which creates further accountability opportunities.

1Unit’s Process Reports

1Unit’s Process Report tool enables staff to assess and review key elements of the new processes. These reviews also enable process-level structured and objective feedback to the Unit staff. This feedback of objective evaluative performance data to staff is the key to establishing a high-quality, new normal on Units.

1Unit’s Observations

In addition, you can use 1Unit’s Observations tool to track metrics coupled to the 1Unit Programs such as:

  1. How many families are participating in bedside rounds?
  2. How many IV to PO switches are identified each day during rounds and how many are addressed by the end of a shift?

Units can equate these optimizations in patient care to organizational savings and build a stronger business case for proactive care on Units.

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