UHC Case Study

UHC ACU Case Study

The University Health Consortium completed an ACU case study based on an early implementation of the ACU® care model. The case study uses UHC’s expected mortality data to gauge ACU impact on mortality. Additional data was provided by the facility about:

  • discharges to hospice,
  • length of stay,
  • hypo- and hyper- glycemic events, and
  • patient satisfaction measured by Press Ganey data.

The facility discussed is the largest health system in Georgia (US), with 6 hospitals reporting 3.6 million patient visits each year (at the time of publication).

To achieve consistent team-based care, the facility created the first Accountable Care Unit (ACU® Unit) featuring unit-based teams and Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR® rounds).

In summary, more cohesive teams reduced mortality, length-of-stay, and pages and phone calls, while boosting patient satisfaction and enhancing staff engagement and accountability.

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