Chief Technology Officer

Liam is an industrial engineer with 10+ years’ experience in healthcare delivery improvement. He is 1Unit’s Chief Technology Officer whose goal is to help hospitals make the strategic advantage of reducing clinical process variation and driving consistently superior outcomes. 1Unit’s solution creates a high standard of acute and subacute care by training physicians, nurses, and staff to practice in high-performing, patient-centered teams.

He completed his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering at NUI Galway, Ireland in 2010, specializing in systems and human factors engineering in healthcare. Following his Ph.D. he worked as a human factors specialist at the Transfusion Research Unit at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and became the group’s lead human factors specialist.

ACU Experience

Liam has been helping hospitals implement the ACU® care model since 2012. Liam leads 1Unit’s product and technology development team. He also works with 1Unit clients and their frontline workforce to adopt 1Unit’s tools and resources to create high-functioning teams that optimize the benefits of the ACU care model.  He was one of the team who won the SHM’s Award for Teamwork in Quality in Health Care in 2015 for their widespread implementation of the ACU care model.

Academic & professional contributions

Liam is an Adjunct Research Fellow in the Irish Centre for Applied Patient Safety and Simulation in NUI Galway. He is also a guest lecturer in the School of Engineering in NUI Galway and contributes to the Patient Safety course as part of the NUI Galway Masters in Medical Physics. He is also a member of the Irish Safety in Health Systems group, a group of Ireland-based patient safety researchers and healthcare practitioners advancing patient safety and care delivery in the Irish health system. Liam has also provided advisory support to the Irish national Paediatric Early Warning System (PEWS) working group in their redesign of the national pediatric observation chart.