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1Unit About SIBR Rounds Patient Centered Care Team

The future of health care is here.

As doctors, nurses, and engineers, we are highly experienced clinicians and forward-thinking problem solvers working at the frontline of healthcare. We are the world’s experts in bringing hospital professionals together to create exceptional care teams through our Accountable Care Units care model and Structured Interdisciplinary Bedside Rounds (SIBR® rounds, pronounced “cyber rounds”). With our solutions, hospitals discover new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Our people and our hospital partners have received numerous national and international quality and safety awards. Each award recognizes what is so novel yet obvious about what we do – bringing people together to make outstanding care routine.

We partner with hospitals to create great care teams.

We offer hospitals the solution they need to be self-sufficient in developing proactive care. We are a single solution provider- we do this one thing and we know it better than anyone else. We fixed frontline teamwork on our own units, and now we are helping hundreds of others. Through our programs, you can offer better care, better HCAHPS, better everything.  Join the hospital teamwork revolution.

The All-in-One Hospital Upgrade

Our processes and programs, which have been embraced by hundreds of unit-based teams around the world, provide better care more efficiently and with a more human touch.  Hospitals and medical centers ask for our help to organize their doctors, nurses, and staff into unit-based teams that communicate better, follow checklists and best practices, and lead together.

We are a network of hospital nurses, physicians, allied health professionals, and healthcare and software engineers, from over 100 units in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

We have an award winning team working to meet our vision and build on our programs.

Our Team

Jason Stein MD SFHM

Founder and CEO

Molly Burleson BSN MPH

Chief Nursing Officer

Andrew Stein

President, Hospital Programs

Liam Chadwick PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Bruce Joy

Director of Hospital Programs 1Unit Australasia-Pacific

Voices from the Frontline

When clinicians, patients, and hospital leaders all say they love something, that’s worth listening to.

Bringing joy to work!

We are proud of our happy clients and continue to make sure every one of them is satisfied.

To improve outcomes, don't focus on outcomes

Start at the bedside. Focus on moments that matter, like nursing handover and interdisciplinary rounds.

Invest in daily routines — small improvements add up quickly.

Start with nurses — then expect more from doctors:

1Unit Nurses First Structured Triple-E Bedside Handover

Nurses First

1Unit's Nurses First program standardizes nurse communication across shifts, improving communication, safety and efficiency.

1Unit About SIBR Rounds Patient Centered Care Team

1Unit invented SIBR® rounds, bringing the bedside nurse, physician and allied health to the patient’s bedside to synthesize a mutually supported plan of care in an efficient patient-centered experience.